Pre-Order & Pickup

Due to the recent Zombie Apocalypse we have been forced to change our Market structure to accommodate the “no contact” recommendations and to keep unknown grubby paws off your produce.  We are now offering Pre-Orders and pickup and still offer onsite shopping, but in a modified layout.  So while you still can get some items on site without pre-ordering, selection will be limited to what was left over from filling the pre-orders.

How Pre-Ordering Works-

You need to sign up for the Newsletter to be added to the weekly email blast, which will give you information and instructions on how to pre-order.  This is usually sent out on Mondays.

Once you fill out the form and send it back, you’ll receive a confirmation that it was received and we will ask any questions we may have.  Cut off for orders is Wednesday.

You will receive another email later in the week listing any new “add on” items that weren’t available before cut off.  This is your last chance to add anything to your order.

Your order will be packed and ready for you to pick up on Sunday at the McDowell Center between 8am and 11am.