Barky's Cookies

All Barky’s cookies are made from 100% human grade / consumable ingredients.  There are no by-products, additives, or preservatives. If you don’t mind a little meat in your cookies, give them a try……..

Barky ‘paw’ makes his cookies each week to insure they are yummy fresh ( as fresh as a crunchy cookie can be).  Since there are no preservatives added, each cookie must be dried to a crunch, otherwise these bones will start

sprouting hair. Once completely dried, cookies can be

stored for months without worry.

No refrigeration is necessary.


Barky’s Cookies come in 2 different sizes and 6 flavors: 

Small- for those itty bitty pooch’s or  they make a great training treat for any size dog

Large- for those big boys and girls, like Barky.

Barky’s Moo Moos- Beef –shaped like guess what!!!......cows

Here Kitty Kitty- Chicken – shaped like kitties

Dogloo- Salmon – shaped like a Dogloo!    (fire hydrants)

Barking with the Stars- Bacon – shaped like Stars

Tasty Tuna- Tuna – shaped like fishies

Gucci’s Gobblers – Turkey- shaped like turkeys (named after Barky’s Sister Gucci Loo)

More flavors are to come……

Barky’s Cookies do contain wheat and corn products. If your Pooch is sensitive to those ingredients, we don’t recommend feeding them. (Barky is working on perfecting his new organic, wheat and corn free cookie recipe for those special doggies and some special cookies for our kidney and liver medical needs pooches) 

Barky has also ventured into making doggie birthday cakes!  He is still perfecting his technique, but he hasn't had any complaints yet!  What ever your pooch desires, Barky can make!

Barky's cookies are available at any of the Green Bee Farmers Market Locations. If you are unable to make it to one of our Barky locations or are interested in purchasing Barky’s cookies in bulk, please paw-mail Barky thru our contact us page!