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Gucci Loo

In Memory of Gucci Loo small-barky-online-transparent.png

This past summer was a hard one for Barky and his Family. Dasie, Barky’s brother, was diagnosed with Lymphosacamos,

gucci-and-barkty-on-the-beach.jpg cancer of the lymph nodes. Seeking out a specialist, they found Dasie to be a good candidate for Chemo. The first round of Chemo went great, but the second round not so well. We lost Dasie only 11 days after being diagnosed with cancer. If we had only known what we know now, we never would have gone that route…..

Statistics show that behind random accidents, cancer is the number one killer of dogs, with 1 in 4 dogs delevoping cancer. If that statistic were true, that would mean 1 more of Barky’s immediate Family, and 1 more of Barky’s extended Family would suffer the cancer faith.

Barky, his brother Herman, and Sister Gucci, immediately went to the doctor. Barky and Herman were cancer free, but Gucci was another story. The doctors found a small tumor growing behind her lower canine tooth. Exploring further, they found the tumor had invaded the jaw bone, which severely limited our treatment options. Since the tumor had invaded the bone, radiation, chemo, freezing and laser were all out of the picture. If we were to kill the tumor, her jaw would literally fall off because of the lack of bone support. Our only option to prevent the tumor from spreading was to have her entire lower jaw surgically removed. If we did nothing the tumor would continue to grow causing extreme pain and the inability to eat and eventually….. We left the Doctor hoping that the tumor would be slow growing and no decision would ever have to be made, but we quickly found that would not be our luck. Over the next month, Gucci’s tumor became larger and largegucci.jpgr, forcing us to make that dreaded decision. We called the doctor to ask some more questions and make our appointment for jaw removal. As we waited for the doctor to call us back, we found an amazing experimental surgery that had just been made public by UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.

Biomedical engineer Dan Huey and veterinary surgeon Boaz Arzi,had found a way to regrow the jawbone of dogs suffering from the same disease Gucci has.   As of September 1, 2012, UC Davis had successfully complete 8 different bone regrowth surgeries and were looking to perform this surgery on a larger tumor area. They would remove the infected section of the jaw and insert a titanium plate and a sponge soaked in bone protein, which would interact with the dogs own cells to regrow the jaw bone. Within in 3 months the jaw would be completely rebuilt with a solid bone. This was the answer to Gucci’s doggie prayers! If we could only be accepted! We emailed these world-renowned doctors, hoping that maybe, just maybe, these very important people would find time to check their email, and then just maybe get a chance to respond. It was a long shot, but we had to try. The next morning we had an answer! We had been accepted! Now came the issue of money. UC Davis would be donating the supplies needed; Gucci would be responsible for the costs of the surgeon’s time, hospital stay, and follow up visits, not to mention the 2 weeks we would be in California for her surgery. Gucci had been saving her bones, but the new costs were a great deal more then originally planned. We scheduled her appointment two months later, hoping by then she would have some more bones saved. As time went by, Gucci found she would need several more months of saving before she could gather enough bones, months Gucci no longer has. Her tumor has erupted with a life of its own, and we know we are already pushing the line. That’s when good old brainy Barky had an idea! He suggested that all proceeds from his cookies and Bark-o-licious Beauty Boutique should go straight to his Sister. He would also ask his doggie friends for some help. Maybe between everyone Gucci could come up with enough bones for her surgery! Isn’t Barky a smarty??? It’s those special paw made cookies!!gucci-s-tumor.jpg

November 19th is the big day! We are just crossing our paws that the next few weeks will bring Gucci lots of loves…..


Keep checking back for updates on Gucci’s journey to receiving her new jaw!

And thank you all so very much in helping her on this journey! Not only are you helping save Gucci’s life, but you are also helping human cancer patients get one-step closer to a remedy in fighting their own oral cancers.

To read about this surgery and watch the informational video, please visit http://news.ucdavis.edu/search/news_detail.lasso?id=10313



Gucci recovered from her surgery with flying colors!  Healing was faster than expected and she was sent home after only 3 days in the doggie hospital.  The margins were complete and we are 100% cancer free!! Yeah Gucci!  Her jaw is alittle shorter than the normal dog. After removing the jaw bone and tumor there wasn't enough skin to extend around the new forming jaw bone. But thats ok! You can't even tell!  The only problems she has.....a very messy eater!

Gucci Loo is like a whole new dog!  She even entered a Doggie Parade and won Best of Show!!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped Gucci in her journey to a new life!


UPDATE -Unfortunately we lost Gucci, on March 19, 2015 to Kidney Failure.  She beat Cancer and lived another 3 1/2 year in stage 4 kidney failure.  She was a trooper!  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about her.