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Our produce prices will be different each week. Prices will depend on the availability of the produce and the season.  We can assure you that you will be receiving the best quality produce for your buck. If you want to save some cash....buy in bulk! Wheelbarrow of berries? Buckets of brussel sprouts? A semi truck full of kale? Let us know! 

Prices will be calculated by the pound or by the piece. Our produce lugs should be labeled...'should' being the key word.....if not...just ask! 



Coupons are valid at any of our site locations, as long as it is within the proper date period.

In order to receive our weekly coupon, you must sign up for the newsletter. Make sure you input the location you are interested in receiving the coupon and newsletter for. For Example: Type in the name of your Community or Farmers Market location like; 'McDowell Mt. Ranch or all of Scottsdale' 

Each week, or every other week, depending on your Sites schedule,  you will receive a GB email which will contain a coupon and advance notice of the weeks special offers.  You will also find updates on new items, vendors, contests, etc. Or depending on how crazy the week is, it might be a few blah blah blahs and yadda yaddas, which may or may not be spelled checked, and it may be sent a few hours before market starts...but no worries...you will get one! Check your email before you come!

Besides the newsletter, you might also find coupons at your Community events, Community Newsletters / Newspapers, or at select locations throughout your Community.  Coupons will not be handed out at the Farmers Market Site.....Plan ahead people!


Coupon Policybee-left.png

mini-bee-no-trail.png Coupons will be valid for the dates specified on the coupon. Although if you saved a coupon from 2014, we might just honor it purely on the love factor!

mini-bee-no-trail.png Coupon must be presented at time of purchase! or Save the colored ink and lets see that screen shot!

mini-bee-no-trail.png 1 coupon per person per day.  Don't try and be sneaky...we know who you are!

mini-bee-no-trail.png Coupon offers are on a first come first serve basis.  When its gone, its gone...Bye bye strawberries!

mini-bee-no-trail.png No rain checks or carryovers...do they even do rain checks anymore?

mini-bee-no-trail.png No substitutions. Just because it's technically a 'berry, a blueberry is not a strawberry!

mini-bee-no-trail.png Green Bee reserves the right to end any promotions / coupons / offers at anytime, for any reason, without notice.  Sometimes it just happens...ya know...